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Stay CurrentNatty-O and Charlotte

MROA Chaplain Aaron Plummer will be filling in for me at Caraway as I am traveling to MO this week.  Then it's the National Open at Williams Grove followed Charlotte Motor Speedway with the NWSMT. 

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    "Living with Intention"
    All my children have birthdays around the same time. Each year we reflect on how much the kids have grown and how old that makes Brooke and I feel.
    Well, it’s not that we are closing in on retirement, but it definitely sparks an awareness about the frailty of life and fleeting nature of time. As the kids grow and mature, we are realizing we need to be more intentional about...
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  • Recent Devotional

    "Hiding in the 23rd Psalm"
    I drove my truck for two years before discovering that I could roll down the windows with the keyfob. Now when walking up to the truck I roll the windows down even when I don't want them down.
    It is a great little feature that has always been there, I just didn’t realize it. This week I would like to look at one of the most familiar chapters in the Bible, the 23rd Psalm...
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    Travel back in time.
    View the devotional archives on Always Racing.
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