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Over the last two months I’ve visited a lot of race shops and sat down with many in the racing community.  There was a common theme, anticipation.  Everyone was busy making improvements to their programs and itching to get back to the track.  It didn’t matter how the 2016 season went – that’s the past and 2017 is a fresh start. 

With all that excitement I started to question if my relationship with the Lord is currently filled with the same level of anticipation.  I think it’s pretty easy to get caught up in defeat and disappointment  - we’re not perfect so it’s bound to happen.  However, what if I viewed each day like we view a new race season?   What if we could let the past go and intentionally focus on what God is doing in our lives now?

There’s a great word for us in Isaiah 43:18-19:
“Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!”

It’s not the easiest to see what God is doing in our lives when it is clouded by defeat or in the pride of our success.   When we get off track we must not be fooled into thinking it’s not worth the fight.  God is at work.   We must live with the anticipation that He is doing something new, fresh and significant in our lives. 

A few weeks ago I was visiting a team building an incredible race car and they embodied what our walk with the Lord should be like.  If it wasn’t the best of the best, it didn’t go on this car. If a part could be better but wasn’t available – they made it. They were working in an atmosphere of confidence.   When we are able to live in the anticipation that God is active in our lives it changes our perspective.  Our atmosphere in relationship with the Lord gives us access to the creator of the best.  How can we dwell on failures and shortcoming when He is ready to start fresh and invest the very best in us? 

Just as we kick of the racing season this week with such great anticipation, let’s build our anticipation for what the Lord is doing.   Focus this year on where you want to see God do a new thing.  Maybe it’s in a relationship with your spouse or family member.  Maybe it’s a personal issue that needs to be worked on to better our character and relationship with the Lord. Whatever you think of that needs God to move in – pray to the Lord for Him to start something new.  Let’s ask God to move in our situations, show us answers (as hard as that may be), and bring restoration to what was lost while our vision was clouded.  With each new day may we have such great anticipation and confidence knowing God is at work.  

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